Dispatcher modernises TPPL's resource planning processes.

Exclusive feedback from TPPL on the Dispatcher planning solution.

Exclusive feedback from TPPL, a loyal client of Dispatcher, specialising in infrastructure works. Our team was invited to film on the premises of the works agency of TPPL Saumur. 🎬

Thomas Maudet
, Agency Manager, and Hervé Sigogneau, Planning Manager at TPPL, describe how the Dispatcher solution helps them to organise and schedule the agency’s many employees on a daily basis.

Complete appropriation of the solution, making its everyday use essential. Thanks to the time saved by our tool, the solution was quickly rolled out across all other TPPL agencies.

Since we started using Dispatcher, we have been able to ensure high-quality information for all company employees.”

It saves us a lot of time. Wehave real-time access to availabilities and needs in other agencies.
No more paper, no more Excel, and much better accuracy and efficiency.”


Thomas : “Hello, I’m Thomas Maudet, Agency Manager at TPPL Saumur. TPPL is a company under the Nivet group, a public works company that has its own quarries and coating stations, with three works entities.

I have been managing the Construction Works agency in Saumur since 2013, and we have a large fleet of equipment for roadworks, earthworks, soil treatment, and sanitation. We therefore need to optimise this fleet, and we have staff assigned to equipment planning in each works entity.”

Hervé: “Hello, I’m Hervé Sigogneau. I have been at TPPL Saumur for 30 years, and I’ve been in charge of dispatch planning for about 20 years. For the first ten years I was a site foreman, with a much more operational role on the work sites. Why did you set up Dispatcher within TPPL?

Why did you set up Dispatcher within TPPL?

Thomas: “I found Dispatcher on the internet, and we were very quickly given a high-quality demonstration by Maxime Guesné. Maxime convinced us instantly, and he and his teams were highly effective in meeting our needs in terms of creating a display system for our employees.

Before Dispatcher came along, we used to exchange lots of Excel files by email. We displayed information on paper for our employees. Most importantly, we had our operations meeting on Thursday mornings, which forced a lot of people to travel because we used to alternate between sites at Angers, Saumur, and Tours. So we were losing a lot of time.

In this context, we had been looking for a simple solution since 2019, something that would provide a high-quality display system for our employees and enable us to optimise our equipment base by streamlining inter-agency exchanges.”

: “So in terms of the planning work, we always planned out our schedule on Thursdays. Previously, it was handled with Excel files, for all the staff, equipment, and coating aspects. We would hold our meeting, and afterwards I would display all the information about equipment and vehicles in A3 format. So of course, now it’s completely different.”

The main difference is, no more paper. We can have a direct overview of all three agencies in Mozé, Tours, and Saumur. This allows me, before assigning our own equipment, to see if there’s any availability in the other agencies.”

“We have a real-time view of important items like large crawler excavators and treatment workshops, over several weeks, even several months. This allows us to shift sites if necessary, in advance. When we realise there are conflicts, we try to move things around, to shift them. With Dispatcher, we have a real-time view, and when anyone makes a change it shows up immediately.”

“So all we have to do is move the bars. We can add comments and so on. And all this is linked to the fleet details on the TV screen. So our employees submit their reports every evening, see the works supervisors and myself, then get their instructions from the TV screen displayed in front of my office.”

No more paper, no more Excel, and much better accuracy and efficiency.

What feedback would you give?

Thomas: “Since we started using Dispatcher, we have been able to ensure high-quality information for all company employees. We also save a lot of time in planning since we have real-time access to the schedules of other agencies and therefore access to their availabilities and needs.. And we no longer need to exchange lots of emails about availabilities and needs within the equipment scope.”

Hervé: “I’ll keep my feedback brief. It won’t take long. All the employees and I are very satisfied with the product for several reasons: its precision, quality of information, and the ability to make changes. It really is the tool we needed.”

“Plus, if there’s a problem, thanks to the hotline, we have someone straight away who will resolve the issue. So yes, we’re satisfied with the product.”

Would you recommend Dispatcher?

Thomas: “I’m very happy to recommend Dispatcher, as it’s a very easy-to-use solution, inter-connectible with other digital solutions such as an ERP, and it has regular upgrades that systematically meet our needs.”

“In the short term, we’re going to try out the certification module, and interface Dispatcher with the clock-in application for our site forepersons. In the long term, we’re already regularly in touch with Dispatcher for consideration of our new needs, and we’re very confident in Dispatcher’s ability to meet them.”

Hervé: “I highly recommend Dispatcher because it’s efficient, responsive, and provides a great overview. You can be on the phone with a customer and consult Dispatcher at the same time. You’re able to respond, and you can rearrange a service if necessary.”

The display is of high quality. Our employees have really taken to it. So, as far as Dispatcher is concerned, I would recommend it to any company with short-, medium-, and long-term needs, as an efficient product.”

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