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Complement your HRIS tool with our system, to harmonise and unify your operations.
The platform offers multiple functions for optimising your organisation.

RH modules

Le module RH Dispatcher

Manage digital tools the best way

Scheduling software, payroll, clocking, CRM, cloud tools etc... are all tools allowing us to go further and reinvent our exchanges and our working habits. It is now irrefutable that these tools offer a whole new dimension to the HR function that we cannot do without.
However, adopting these tools can be complicated and sometimes stressful.

This is why it is essential to manage this change well and to support it so that it is sustainable and adopted by the whole team.

Improve business flexibility

Being flexible and open to change makes today's companies attractive to new talent. Combined with digital tools, they can better anticipate departures and arrivals as well as the phases of construction sites.

Availability and unavailability are frequently planned in two very distinct schedules, which can lead to dissociation in planning.

By centralizing the schedules of absences and the operating schedule, we save time and improve the quality of information.

Optimize staffing management

This is not always easy to know precisely where a resource is without going through several intermediaries. Errors can therefore be frequent.

Thanks to digital tools, we can find a resource from one agency to another in one click. This is exactly what Dispatcher offers you.

Thus, we obtain a better management of skills and consequently a good management of the labor pool. We then place the right person in the right place.

Our tailor-made solutions for meeting
the challenges of the HR function.

main schedule

HR planning.

✓ Schedule multiple staff members with a collaborative approach

✓ Centralise all your information on a single platform

✓ Access key business information quickly and intuitively

✓ Better anticipate activity and production peaks

Certification management.

✓ Track the certifications of your staff and material resources on a single platform

✓ Consult certifications on a dedicated screen or in your resource records

✓ Receive alerts when a certification has expired or is soon to expire

✓ Easily renew certifications and link directly to unavailabilities

Manage certifications types
Staff sheet Dispatcher

Enhanced staff management.

✓ Use enhanced staff records

✓ Benefit from improved skills management (forecasting, staffing management by skills and employment pool)

✓ View your information via the platform in real time at any moment

✓ Assign the right person to the right place, close to the work site

Absence management.

✓ Use a planning tool dedicated to managing absences

✓ Standardise your operating and absence schedules and save time in your planning procedures

✓ Access your resource availabilities and unavailabilities with one click

✓ Easily find key workforce planning details: Resource type / Start date / End date / Absence type / Absence status / Comments
Staff planning Dispatcher
Forecast Planning Dispatcher

Activity reports.

✓ Generate data on a secure and reliable platform and create consolidated reports

✓ Translate data into a sound business strategy, based on your resource activity

✓ Quickly view key information about your activity

✓ Create intuitive graphs and analyses

Start resource planning now!

Plan ahead
and you’ll never look back.