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Industry is undergoing digital transformation, and Dispatcher is helping to plan it.

Take your business optimisation further with a digital planning tool.

industry, dispatcher

The industry, a rapidly changing sector!

Digital management tools, pillars of the industry of the future!

The industry of the future relies on new production techniques but also on communication within companies.

Artificial intelligence, Big Data and Cloud are its main tools and mastering them gives companies a competitive advantage over other players in the market.
Nevertheless, not using them can lag behind the booming industry.

The race for competitiveness, a major challenge for the industry

Many programs have been initiated in companies to meet these challenges.
This transition involves operational reality objectives of short-term competitiveness and profitability to attract and develop new talent, while being flexible and collaborative.
Flexibility and improved collaboration are achieved in part thanks to new digital planning tools offering clear visibility on the future, while optimizing the present.

The change management force of industry 4.0

Management has always played a crucial role in the industry. It is through these different approaches that the company's objectives are achieved by implementing the strategies issued upstream.

Change management is important today for the field of industry, a field which has been able to evolve just like the expectations of employees. The latter appreciate more transversality and agility in the company.

The new tools are there to support this development at the heart of the concerns of the sector.

Our solutions for making your
digital revolution a success.

workforce planning

✓ Standardise information and redistribute it effectively among members of your organisation via a single platform.

✓ Provide enhanced visibility of company activity to your employees.

✓ Quickly move assignments from one work site to another via the planning tool.

✓ With copy and paste, and drag and drop options, the planning tool is simple and intuitive.

industry, dispatcher
industry, dispatcher

Activity reports.

✓ Obtain data on your company’s activity for consolidated reports.

✓ Quickly view used and allocatable resources.

✓ Analyse resource allocations by work site and by skill.

✓ Import your data from the platform with one click, when you need it.

Unavailability planning.

✓ Simply and quickly view whether a resource is unavailable.

✓ Manage absences efficiently via a dedicated screen.

✓ Keep a close eye on your employees’ training, absences, and leave.

✓ Improve your multi-agency relations by sharing the unavailability schedule in read-only mode.

industry, dispatcher
industry, dispatcher

Enhanced employee records.

✓ Find key information about your employees via your Dispatcher portal.

✓ Manage employee certifications directly from the platform.

✓ Change, add, remove… You have control and remain flexible on staff movement.

✓ Benefit from better skills management thanks to quick views of operator permits, accreditations, etc.

Our teams support you with your change management
and throughout deployment of the tool within your organisation.

Start resource planning now!

Save time and enhance transparency with
the Dispatcher planning solution.