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Instrumentalize your equipment for better optimisation.



IOT Tracking solutions.

A robust and autonomous system for all types of equipment.


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Why use Tracker?

A real plug-and-play system dedicated to construction and public works, trackers use the sigfox network and make it possible to monitor geo-location data and operational times of machinery, skips and lorries. Dispatcher Tracker provides a single tool that operates with all types of equipment and an operating platform.

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An autonomous IoT tool

Our tool operates completely autonomously, without having to interfere with the equipment.

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A flexible & robust solution

The system operates on site machinery, skips and lorries and adapts to suit your configuration. It can be installed easily on new or old machines (own fleet or leased).

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A unique system dedicated to construction and public works

Data collection is only useful if the analysis tools and utilisation of the results are designed for the profession and if all of the data flows through a single platform.


the two main pieces of data to manage.

In only two measurements, our system covers all of your operations to offer you a simple, flexible and robust system.

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Operational time

Operational time / Working time

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Plant / lorry geo-tracking

A system scaled for large fleets of plant and lorries and for major projects



The autonomous, robust and flexible sensor.

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The business analysis platform.


Autonomous sensor

  • Connected object – IoT
  • Autonomous unit – 3 to 5-year battery life
  • Trackers use the Sigfox network (No SIM card)
  • Tracker toughened to resist construction site conditions
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Business platform.

  • Mapping
  • Consolidation of hours worked
  • Detailed to the day

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