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Resource management made easy with the daily schedule.

Manage the availability and unavailability of your human and material resources and plan out your meetings in advance with a daily schedule.


Gain visibility over your resources with the daily schedule.

The daily schedule provides micro-visibility for your company’s activity.

Quickly consult a day-by-day view of all assigned resources via your general schedule.

Find key information for these resources: staff names, equipment, assignment start and end dates, as well as related comments.

At a glance, view the most important data and see things on a bigger screen with TV mode, ideal for displaying the schedule at an agency or in the field.

The daily schedule will meet all your needs.

Fully customisable in terms of data display, colours, and number of columns, etc. Create a planning system that works for you.

You will be able to display your available resources day by day, as well as unavailabilities within your organisation.
Filters are available to select the information that matters to you.

In addition, you will be able to add instructions or notes on a large screen via a predefined section.

Above all, this daily schedule is designed to save you time.

A simple, intuitive, and colourful display.

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All other features.

Planning software

Plan out your human and material resources with just a few clicks using a collaborative schedule.

Absence management

Merge your operating schedules to track your resources more closely.

Certifications and accreditations

Easily configure the history of certification-based skills and accreditations.

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