Simplified absence management for your resources.

Schedule training and absences for your workers and teams. Transparency will be assured.

leave, dispatcher

Digitise your absence and leave management, and reduce time spent on this task.

Forget endless processing in Excel, involving lost time and incorrect entries. Entirely eliminate errors related to the manual processing of absences and leave.

Finally, control and manage employee absences quickly and intuitively, and rapidly reschedule your human resource needs.

Quickly view the workforce present within your organisation on a day-to-day basis. Via a simple planning system, significant gains in HR productivity and absence traceability can be achieved.

Gain in HR compliance

Create a list of unavailability easily: list of employees busy in the field and/or absent, and follow the duration of their unavailability.

Requests and assignments are perfectly traced through the platform.

Visualization of absence statuses in real time. Updates are done automatically.

Plan absences the best way

Absence planning is fully customizable and collaborative. It is essential for your HR organization.

Numerous possibilities of action: follow-up and choice of start and end dates of absences, alerts, and comments.

Better control the cost of management and their impacts: replacement of absentees and temporary workers who can be seized at any time.

Automation of absence and leave management

Strictly follow all types and reasons for absence: leave, illness, RTT, training, and others, predefined in the platform and customizable.

Perform data exports for specific periods, in order to facilitate the monitoring of your service.

leave, dispatcher

Simplified management of absences and leave.

Access a screen dedicated to absences, for simple planning. You will have an overview of the absence schedule for all your staff members.

Via your available staff list, quickly view current and previous unavailabilities.

Knowledge of absences and leave will improve the efficiency of your HR department. With Dispatcher, everything is centralised and clear. You save time, and information is shared between all relevant stakeholders in your company.

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Other features to discover.

Planning software

Plan out your human and material resources with just a few clicks using a collaborative schedule.

The daily schedule

View the day-by-day schedule for your resources.

Certifications and accreditations

Easily configure the history of certification-based skills and accreditations.

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