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Let's build tomorrow's planning systems together.

Dispatcher is a simple software package for effective workforce planning in the field or at agencies.

Planning Dispatcher Batiment

Our mission is to respond effectively to these
three key challenges in the building industry.

The sector is undergoing a digital revolution, including in HR

New tools are allowing us to see new horizons and to go further.

The sector is changing rapidly (BIM, IoT, AI, SaaS, Cloud) and digital technology is playing an increasingly important role in organisations.

It is essential for workforce planning, supervision, skills management, and certification to have a modern, collaborative, efficient tool that is accessible to everyone, everywhere.

A single, shared planning tool, bringing operations and HR together

Cloud tools make it possible to share information easily and work together in real time.

All the organisation's schedules and Excel files can be brought together on a single planning platform.

This eliminates any discrepancy between operating schedules and absence schedules, saving you time and increasing productivity.

Having a planning system that lets you react and adapt to the situation is key to success

Construction site launches and closures require detailed workforce management and optimal anticipation of staff movements.

With developments in the new-build and renovation market, and variation across geographical areas, optimised resource management has unquestionably become a key success factor.

Anticipation is facilitated by digital tools that ensure responsiveness and maintain the company's competitive advantage.

Three modules for three challenges.

Enhanced staff management.

✓ Use enhanced worker records

✓ Keep up to date with certifications by managing operator permits and authorisations

✓ Set user rights and access scope

✓ Assign the right person to the right place

✓ Merge leave, training, and provisional site plans on a single platform

Available profiles Dispatcher
Main schedule Dispatcher

The construction sector's planning solution.

✓ Break down company silos by merging your operating schedules and absence schedules

✓ Open up communication by accessing an easy-to-deploy, collaborative Cloud platform in real time

✓ Avail of a read-only schedule, manage multiple agencies simultaneously and standardise your planning at all levels

✓ Assign the right person to the right place

✓ With copy and paste, expand, and drag-and-drop functions, our planning solution is designed to save you time

Workload forecast.

✓ Anticipate the use of external resources

✓ Improve your customer relations with more accurate delivery time forecasts

✓ Manage upskilling over the longer term

✓ Promote exchanges between BUs

✓ Works supervisors: improve your autonomy by taking control of your human resource needs in the medium and long term

✓ Directors of operations: benefit from a longer-term overview and greater anticipation of your workers’ needs


Customer case.

The tool represents a real advantage for organising human resources within this entity.It saves a lot of time for me and my teams and helps with the allocation of resources and our workers.

Saving time organising our entity has given us a longer-term vision of what we can achieve!”

Project: Implementing Dispatcher
within a construction and public works entity of the Ramery group.

Observation: Excel spreadsheets which were awkward and difficult to use and over which
only the director of operations had control.

A tedious and demanding worker allocation process lasting an average of two hours per week. 


✓ Optimise resources

✓ Standardise schedules, making them accessible and collaborative

✓ Merge HR management and site allocations

Our teams support you with your change management
and throughout the deployment of the tool within your organisation.

Start resource planning now!

Excel sheets, whiteboards…
Dispatcher helps you turn the page
to new horizons.