Good site organisation is vital for remaining competitive and profitable in the long term.

For construction companies, it has become essential to have software that can plan each resource to ensure well-organised on-site activity. Manage the workforce, teams, and equipment faster to make optimisation gains and ensure good time management.

Above all, you must adopt the right tools and choose what will work best for you! This will simplify your day-to-day resource management, help you achieve your goals, and boost productivity.

Manage all your work sites simultaneously and efficiently.

Creating a schedule.

Planning is necessary if you are dealing with several work sites simultaneously. You will always be faced with problems around the allocation of the workforce and/or equipment times.

Using software designed to manage the resources on your work sites, you can easily follow the programming of each project, remotely or directly in the field. Information relating to work sites will be accessible to you in real time for all agents in the field or remotely, be they site forepersons, work supervisors, or even administrative staff.

Software such as Dispatcher allows you to track the schedule for each work site thanks to the different functionalities offered by the platform. From planning resources and equipment, to supplying or re-supplying the work site, everything has been designed to facilitate the organisation and development of ongoing work sites.

You can easily:

– Identify thehuman resources that are useful and best suited to ongoing missions, avoiding any waste of time. Reconcile workforce needs with available resources over a given period of time. You will be able to plan the working hours of employees according to your criteria (leave, illness, apprenticeship work/study programmes, etc.) and plan their daily tasks if you have administrative or managerial status.

– Have instant access to information and manage deficiencies and required adjustments. In line with difficulties encountered in the field, schedules can be easily revised (project length extension, unexpected site stoppage, etc.).

This will help you ensure that completion forecasts and deadlines are met.

Accomplish things faster with the Dispatcher planning system and its essential modules.

Planning is the solution for managing your work sites simultaneously. The tool will allow you to centralise information and redistribute it effectively between members of your organisation. Thanks to its template, you can avoid double entries and enjoy greater transparency. All the advantages, and the errors to be avoided, for good management of your resources are listed in this article.

Work site progress.

You can update your planning system on a daily basis, while retaining your previously entered data. The planning tool makes it easy to update your requests.

Dispatcher allows you to manage all your rental procedures : order your rentals quickly and anticipate the maintenance of certain equipment. Avoid unnecessary delays on work sites due to a shortage of available equipment. Receive availability updates from rental companies and easily check your rentals on your mobile.

We have seen our equipment usage rate increase during the three years we’ve worked together. We have seen our equipment being used more and more. The use of temporary workers and independent transporters has also decreased.” – Charier company, a Dispatcher customer.

On the administration side, no need to panic. The modules surrounding the planning system will allow you to monitor rental contracts and manage billing discrepancies. We enable you to improve the use of framework agreements on the ground and provide you with a good level of contract formalisation.

This covers all trades.

In the building and construction sector:

  • All agency and operations managers will be able to organise their site assignments, avoid organisational failures, and communicate assignments to sites and workers.
  • Works supervisors will be able to prepare their planning meetings, anticipate their workforce and equipment needs, and share their schedules for better collaboration in the field.
  • In addition, site forepersons will be able to consult their site and team assignments in the field and send their resource requests via the application with one click.

Our objective?
To provide you with an essential tool for anticipating your needs and enhancing your efficiency. Whatever your role, you will be able to proactively schedule, manage, organise, and effectively monitor the planning and progress of your work sites.

👉 Dispatcher offers a ready-to-use, all-in-one planning solution that will facilitate the organisation of your activities. Our planning system and its essential modules can be adapted to each of your needs.

🎬 To find out more about its effectiveness in the field and its long-term capital gains, this Feedback will answer your questions.