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Do you want to find an alternative to Excel for planning your company’s resources?

The solution is to choose
resource planning and management software, which is much more collaborative and intuitive.

Today, continuing to work in Excel has become risky and, above all, obsolete. It’s time for you to save time!

The most common obstacle that companies encounter is autonomous appropriation of Excel tables. Overall, these Excels are unreadable because everyone has their own version, and communication breaks down.

Using an Excel file can also be complicated; the deliverable may be constantly changed, and data is sometimes incorrectly entered and/or deleted. This leads to a lack of reliability. In addition, in Excel, everyone must amend and enter their data individually, without any real sharing at a given time.

Errors that cannot be made in 2021.

It is impossible to centralise all relevant information via Excel and keep an eye on important follow-ups. With a Cloud-based planning solution, you can enable automatic distribution of all entries added to the tool.

The risk of still using Excel today?
Multiple input errors, mistakes, and omissions. Example: “At one agency, we noticed there were errors in the Excel tables. We quantified these errors over a few months: staff going to the wrong site, equipment transferred to the wrong place, etc. We took note of all these losses.” – Discover our customer testimonial.

Excel is not a communication tool, that is the major difference.

Use and centralise important information with our resource management solution.

Good communication and a collaborative spirit are key factors for success!

With our Dispatcher platform, your teams will be able to exchange and collaborate via one single tool. You will be able to create your staff schedule with one click and streamline discussions with your teams.

Our solution is available in Cloud mode via a computer or smartphone, and we also offer a mobile app designed specifically for use in the field (for more information).

Turnkey automation: very quick and easy-to-quantify gains.

Our platform makes it possible to systematise everything and to have a space for exchange and collaboration shared by each structure!

Your data is centralised and easily accessible everywhere. Collaborative use of the planning system ensures effective collaboration and promotes better time management.

Our automated approach allows you to easily set up your staff and teams, by simply entering their details. Your requirements, according to the dates and periods indicated, will be assigned directly to your schedule. You can easily manipulate and appropriate each line of your schedule, using our drag-and-drop system and right clicks to access our simple shortcuts. Employees no longer waste time sorting through or searching for the information they need for their tasks. Automatic access to information saves them valuable time.

With Dispatcher, real-time information is available, reliable, and harmonised.

After several months of using the Dispatcher tool, we were able to achieve gains that were very quick and easy to quantify.Discover our customer testimonial.

👉 Everything is within reach. Numerous possibilities open up to you.

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