For several years now, digital technology has become a major force in several sectors, including construction and public works.

The construction sector has become aware of the importance of new technologies and innovative tools in attracting talent and improving efficiency and productivity in the field. New working methods are making their appearance; the sector must adapt.

The advantages of the Cloud for the construction sector.

The Cloud offers several undeniable advantages, perhaps the most important being its attraction for the new, connected generation since it is important to note that there is a workforce shortage in the construction sector. The rise of 3D modelling applications and collaborative working allows designers to engage in on-screen consultations before actually building and manufacturing. For what purpose? Running theoretical projections to avoid real-life mistakes.

The Cloud and its speed of data storage enable real-time, on-site transmission and sharing of information, and make it possible to plan effectively, saving time and money.

The Cloud thus facilitates exchanges between companies and allows them to easily achieve the desired results. Among other factors, without the Cloud, such a level of cooperation in the construction sector would not be possible today.

The building industry is constantly welcoming new Cloud applications that can improve the productivity of current employees and attract new ones.

The challenges of the trade.

The job of works supervisor may include different duties, which vary according to the size of the company. Furthermore, in terms of their field of activity, they may be required to work on public or private building projects, waterway facilities, etc.

It all starts with preparation work prior to setting up the work site.

Initially, they meet the company that wishes to place an order, and study the specifications sent by the design office. Here they work with the different parties to agree on deadlines, materials, and quotes, as well as the number of workers on the site. It is then a question of drawing up provisional planning for the construction stages.

Once things are in gear, the works supervisor oversees the recruitment of workers, and is responsible for placing the various orders for materials and construction equipment with suppliers, and negotiating prices with them.

Throughout the project, the works supervisor must ensure compliance with safety rules, employment law, and environmental standards for waste treatment.

It is also essential that they have good deadline management skills, and if necessary they may take measures such as strengthening workforce numbers. Finally, they are responsible for controlling the quality of the work.

Hype cycle in the construction sector.

Construction could become one of the key sectors of the global economy. Adopting Cloud solutions would reduce the excessive use of resources and simplify their management in the field.

And to continue the efforts already made, the construction sector must pursue its digital transition. Working off the Gartner model, known as the “hype cycle”, every innovative technology goes through a stage in its digitisation curve in order to reach its “plateau of productivity”, at which point we consider the tool to be integrated into common practice.. To achieve this in optimal fashion, the sector must do everything possible and avoid disruption throughout the process.

The construction sector is, now more than ever, in tune with the times. Innovative solutions in this sector are increasing professional productivity and improving service quality, thereby boosting profitability. Thanks to this digital transformation, construction companies are not only optimising their working methods and team management, but also making optimisation gains with positive consequences for their turnover: the new term for this is 4.0 work sites.

As the world population continues to grow, requiring ever more infrastructure and buildings, over the long term the construction industry is set to become a key sector in the global economy.
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