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More than 80% of Internet connections are now via a smartphone. Today, everyone in France has one. Mobiles are everyone’s favourite screens for connecting to the Internet. Apps now play a central role, accounting for 90% of the time spent on smartphones (see: source).

Having a mobile app dedicated to your solution is a real asset, allowing you to summarise the information to be displayed, select the most appropriate features, and improve intuition and design to create a new and unique experience.

The mobile app is the perfect way to save time.

Mobile apps have found their place in the construction sector. These tools have been conceptualised with the aim of improving your everyday life, performing several tasks simultaneously, and increasing your efficiency and productivity at work.

In the field, the site foreperson spends the day on the phone dealing with requests related to agencies and equipment rentals. Access any information, whether in the office or on your work sites. The mobile app saves them a huge amount of time.

Optimise the management of your resources in the field.

Thanks to a resource management optimisation application, the site foreperson can effectively schedule and organise work.

They can make requests for equipment and workers in the field and optimise these resources in real time according to activity peaks. They have access to an overview of data on work sites and available resources in agencies, allowing them to finalise rentals in just a few clicks.

A high-quality mobile experience to simplify your tracking and requests.

Dispatcher offers a mobile app to make your life in the field easier. The mobile app was designed to give you an optimised and streamlined mobile experience, to simplify your tracking and requests.

What is the added value of our mobile application?

Via the Dispatcher app, you can click on the resources you need and consult the summary dashboard for a 360° view of allyour actions. All your projects and actions in the field are displayed, improving your work and efficiency in the field.

Track your resources to achieve optimisation gains via a daily view. This view will show you which resources have been allocated to which projects. From the history of your work sites to visualisation of upcoming ones, you will have everything at your fingertips, instantly!

Dispatcher truly places an important feature at the heart of its application: equipment rental. The site foreperson can rent equipment with or without a driver. They can receive the rented equipment and release it once the work has been completed. In addition, if it is necessary to declare unavailabilities or equipment stoppages, the site foreperson can record them on the application with one click. The manager will therefore be able take the necessary measures to resolve the problem.

Our objective? To save you as much time as possible and help you perform time-consuming tasks. Information from each site is therefore accessible, allowing you to fully visualise the work in progress.

👉 For your satisfaction, we keep the mobile application up-to-date very regularly to allow you to constantly enjoy new and more cutting-edge features.

💡 Do you want to save time in the field and adopt a simple and intuitive solution? Request a demo. Our experts would love to present our offer to you: contact us.