Important steps for successfully innovating and setting up your business, by Dispatcher

Important steps for successfully innovating and setting up your business, by Dispatcher

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Create, reinvent, dare, innovate

On 1 and 2 February, the 24th Paris edition of the Salon des Entrepreneurs was held. The Paris Enterprise Network (Réseau Entreprendre Paris) organised a stand there to bring its expertise to the numerous visitors.

This year once again, the show was a great success. It attracted some 64,000 visitors and nearly 200 talks were given. Every year, more and more companies are being set up in France, particularly in the Paris region. In 2016, 554,000 companies were created in France. This trade show is the meeting point for this emerging branch of the French entrepreneurial environment.

Talk by Dispatcher

The Paris Enterprise Network brought together 65 business leaders and 25 permanent staff from eight associations in the Île de France region.

It welcomed nearly 400 project developers over the two days, participated in seven workshops, and presented testimonials from 18 prize winners in a dedicated space.

As a member of the network, Dispatcher was invited to take part in the “entrepreneur testimonials” stand. Lots of well-organised discussions took place. Dispatcher spoke on the topic of “key steps in successfully setting up a business”. The testimony was divided into major questions covering the entire subject, spanning from the emergence of the idea to concrete realisation of the project. “How did you manage to progress from the idea to the project? And from the project to the business? What were the timelines involved?”

For the two long-standing associates and friends, the project seemed a natural next step after five years of consulting work. Their personal and professional experience gave them in-depth knowledge of the construction sector and allowed them to envisage how it might be improved.

The Dispatcher team