Dispatcher offers a robust, standalone tracker solution for monitoring operating equipment in the construction and public works sector.

These are connected control units designed to operate on any type of equipment: •Internal equipment Rental equipment

Trackers are field sensors that record the two main types of operating data: •The hours of use The positions of the equipment

This data is transmitted via our connected web platform, enabling identification of activity times (engine idling or moving), transfer times, and distances travelled based on reporting tables. Adapted to site constraints thanks to a reinforced waterproof structure, the trackers are fitted with an accelerometer, a Sigfox antenna, and a GPSantenna. They are activated when they sense a vibration on the construction vehicle or equipment.

While the equipment is in motion, the tracker transmits its GPS position every 10 minutes. When it comes to a stop, information on its journey is sent to the Dispatcher platform via the Sigfox telecommunications network.

This low-speed network makes it possible to send a large amount of data per day with low energy consumption: this means that the units are self-powering for up to five years. They also support a sustainable approach, with the ability to replace their batteries.

The trackers are easy to install and use, and provide reliable and consistent data for the entire fleet.

Once the device is installed, benefits are seen in several ways:

1 – Enhanced equipment traceability: full traceability is possible for pick-up and drop-off sites, as well as routes and times of operations.

2 – Greater transparency between project stakeholders: Trackers provide greater transparency of operations between all project stakeholders. This often has a positive impact on truck driver behaviour and reduces delays.

3 – Optimisation and post-analysis of rotations: The system makes it possible to identify certain areas for improvement and to implement rapid corrective measures, for example on the routes and organisation of truck arrivals and departures.

The Dispatcher team