In the construction sector, the role of a works supervisor can be likened to that of an orchestral conductor, or site manager. Dispatcher invites you to take a closer look at this role.

The role of works supervisor explained.

Methodical and responsible, the works supervisor is involved in every aspect and at each phase of the project. They are in direct contact with the various project stakeholders, engineers, architects, technicians, forepersons, and workers. With the primary duty of coordinating and managing all construction activities, they must be responsive and dynamic, but also diplomatic.

The challenges of the trade.

The job of works supervisor may include different duties, which vary according to the size of the company. Furthermore, in terms of their field of activity, they may be required to work on public or private building projects, waterway facilities, etc.

It all starts with preparation work prior to setting up the work site.

Initially, they meet the company that wishes to place an order, and study the specifications sent by the design office. Here they work with the different parties to agree on deadlines, materials, and quotes, as well as the number of workers on the work site. It is then a question of drawing up provisional planning for the construction stages.

Once things are in gear, the works supervisor oversees the recruitment of workers, and is responsible for placing the various orders for materials and construction equipment with suppliers, and negotiating prices with them.

Throughout the project, the works supervisor must ensure compliance with safety rules, employment law, and environmental standards for waste treatment.

It is also essential that they have good deadline management skills, and if necessary they may take measures such as strengthening workforce numbers. Finally, they are responsible for controlling the quality of the work.

The development and challenges of digital technology.

The highest rank, for a works supervisor, is that ofworks director.. The latter plays a managerial role, taking responsibility for the entire work site, overseeing financial monitoring of the work, and acting as primary contact for the agency and customers. They may also act as a director of operations, overseeing the company’s activity in a cross-functional manner, according to its size, and taking responsibility for one or more sites. Setting up your own company is also an opportunity for development.

Digital technology plays an important role in the profession, enabling site supervisors to carry out their work more efficiently. BIM in particular enables them to be better organised, thanks to collaborative planning.. It also ensures easier quote submission and management of the various stakeholders via a rental platform, acting as an intermediary.

These technologies mean less loss of information thanks to its digitisation and enhanced organisation, as well as faster and more open personal interactions.. The works supervisor is able to save time by quickly consulting, via a tablet on site, the times they can allocate to managing subcontractors and ensuring high-quality construction work.

BIM and digital technology are thus an integral part of this high-responsibility role; successful project completion is almost impossible without their everyday use(see: source).

Our solution for your construction projects.

Dispatcher is one of several digital tools that support and assist professionals in the successful completion of their construction projects.

With its collaborative planning solution, Dispatcher provides greater visibility over the different resources (both human and material) to be allocated and assigned to ongoing work sites.

The mobile app is central to work in the field, in the hands of the works supervisor and site foreperson. It provides a day-to-day summary of all assignments and enables the works supervisor to anticipate their workforce and rental equipment requirements.. It also gives the site supervisor a 360° view of their actions, enabling them to be fully prepared for planning meetings and to share their outcomes.

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