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OPPBTP & Dispatcher

OPPBTP & Dispatcher


On 16 September, the OPPBTP (French Construction Accident Prevention Body) paid a visit to Boucicaut.

The subject of this meeting was “Accident prevention and safety in the digital age”.

Safety on work sites is a fundamental and ever-present issue in works agencies. With Dispatcher, we often have the opportunity to visit agencies and work sites for training sessions and workshops.

We want to see our applications being deployed on sites, and our aim is to offer services with high added value. Safety is therefore a key area of development for Dispatcher.

This issue will be an important aspect of our product in the future. We want to support work sites and, of course, the key stakeholders on them: the site forepersons and workers.

We would like to thank the OPPBTP for this meeting and the discussions that followed.

The Dispatcher team.