Certifications Module Dispatcher

Certification management: operator permits, training, accreditations, etc.

At Dispatcher, we believe that the monitoring and proper HR management of your work sites are essential. Safety and skills management are highly important and constantly changing issues for many building companies.

Furthermore, certifications, training, accreditations, and other permits are very often managed in Excel or via shared drives, which are not conducive to communication and lead to errors in staff entry and tracking.

We have made several observations. Construction companies have:

✓ Increasingly pressing needs for good on-site workforce management and avoidance of all risks on work sites.

✓ A need for visibility of staff skills and qualifications, in order to assign the right people to the right site.

✓ A need to monitor staff certifications and their expiry dates in order to organise training efficiently.

Our customers want a single tool that modernises the overall management of their workforce. To meet these needs, we have developed a certification module within our planning platform, so that you can always keep on top of your resource needs.

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