On Tuesday 11 December, the 2018 Public Works Awards for Innovation & Performance took place, organised by the Moniteur group and the French Public Works Federation (FNTP).

Dispatcher won the prize in the Public Works Start-Up category, for its innovative IoT tracker solution, used by Eurovia for repair and asbestos removal work on the A16 motorway. This award recognises start-ups founded less than five years ago whose creative solutions enable construction companies to improve their performance.

Dispatcher’s IoT trackers offer optimised traffic management through precise monitoring, and are particularly robust in order to withstand the operating conditions on construction sites.

A tried and tested system

This innovative system  was chosen by Eurovia in October 2017 for use in its repair and asbestos removal project on the A16 motorway in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region. This involved a fleet of 60 trucks for transporting waste in France and Belgium.

It was a project with multiple challenges and therefore very strict safety regulations. The Dispatcher tracker system proved to be fundamentally useful for closely monitoring the entire fleet. Eurovia chose to fit it on all its trucks.

This tool facilitates vehicle management and tracking thanks to its geolocation system connected to the Sigfox network, providing information on all their movements and hours of activity. Robust and flexible, the Dispatcher tracker is easy to install on recent or older equipment, and on internal or rental fleets. This standalone connected device is designed specifically to withstand the operating conditions on construction sites.

Remarkable improvements

On the work site along the A16 motorway, three areas for improvement were identified thanks to the trackers:

1. Waste deposits traceability

The trackers positioned in the trucks enabled full traceability on waste pick-up and drop-off sites, as well as the routes and times of operations.

2. Traceability between project stakeholders

The trackers enabled transparency of operations between all project stakeholders. This made it possible to base discussions and decision-making processes on factual, operational data. In addition, this transparency of operations had a positive impact on truck driver behaviour and reduced delays.

3. Rotation optimisation and analysis

The system also made it possible to identify certain areas for improvement, and corrective measures were therefore quickly put in place. The main improvements concerned the routes and organisation of truck arrivals and departures.

Dispatcher’s innovative IoT tracker system thus ensured reliable and uniform transparency and data collection across the entire fleet, throughout the duration of the Eurovia project.

A rewarding trophy for Dispatcher

Maxime Guesné, co-founder of the Dispatcher product, spoke about this commendation:

“This wonderful award provides important recognition of the quality of work carried out over the last four years by the entire Dispatcher team; it confirms us as an established player in the public works sector. It gives us exceptional visibility in this market we have chosen. Above all, we would like to thank our first customers, those who trusted us at the very beginning. This recognition by their peers proves that they chose the right digital partner. It also encourages us to continue, by demonstrating the concept’s market suitability and the willingness of public works companies to adopt innovation. We are happy to be helping these professions open up to digital technology. We offer them methods and products that bring them clear competitive advantages. Working for these businesses requires a demanding and pragmatic approach, and our proven effectiveness stems from our experience. We are ready to meet this challenge alongside all construction companies pursuing the same objective.”

We also wish to congratulate the winners of the different categories of the Public Works Awards:

  • Technical & Research category : EUROVIA
  • Materials & Uses category : CECCON BTP
  • Prevention category : BESSAC
  • HR Initiatives category : COLAS ÎLE DE FRANCE-NORMANDIE
  • Environmental & Energy Performance category : GROUPE MARAIS
  • Judges’ favourite: ZEST
Dispatcher has boosted the organisation of a number of companies, going well beyond their pre-defined objectives.

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The Dispatcher team