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Work Site Forum – Fleet management at your fingertips!

Work Site Forum – Fleet management at your fingertips!

Credit: Sébastien Dillies, Work Site Forum.

The Dispatcher web and mobile construction app can be used to remotely order equipment from an internal fleet or a rental company.

Your equipment fleet may be costly when in use, but it is costlier when idle, and even more so if rental machines are chosen instead. Understanding how difficult it can be to reconcile internal and external management of a machine fleet, Maxime Guesné and Julien Fournier have created logistical support for the various stakeholders of work sites. Their solution can be found in the Dispatcher.fr tool.

Shopping online has never been easier and faster than it is today. You can simply select the desired products and fill your basket. Maxime Guesné and Julien Fournier took inspiration from this technique and adapted it to the construction sector. These two young engineers with a background in industrial and construction consulting have launched a web and mobile platform for users of work site equipment. Their service, Dispatcher.fr, allows users to choose, book, and transport a machine to their workplace with just a few clicks. These stages, often requiring multiple telephone calls between the different stakeholders on a site, can now be completed remotely and quickly.

With the Dispatcher.fr app installed on their smartphone, the site foreperson can instantly provide the company’s equipment manager with details of the machines required to carry out their various tasks. The latter has access, via the web interface, to a planning tool and the location of each of the required devices. In addition to facilitating the transfer of equipment, this feature enables optimisation of internal fleet usage. The app can also be used, once a machine is selected, to identify which company operators are most capable of using it.

And its use is not limited to managing a work site’s equipment or human resources. The online platform uses the various data from the booking schedule to transform itself into a real decision-making tool. The analysis of free time, usage, and unavailability makes it possible to quickly identify the level of use of a piece of equipment in order to subsequently expand or reduce the fleet. Dispatcher.fr also contains a function for alerting the company, or the rental company, of the arrival of a machine or occurrence of a breakdown. The platform also offers direct access to rental companies listed by the organisation or, failing this, those also using the service.

In addition to increasing visibility for rental companies, the online tool facilitates and speeds up procedures by digitising rental documentation. All rental information is backed up, facilitating invoice verification. However, the use of this application is not limited to companies with large equipment fleets and workforces. Dispatcher.fr partners now offer different subscription levels that can be scaled according to the number of users.

Sébastien Dillies