Discussion on construction trades at Centrale Supélec

Discussion on construction trades at Centrale Supélec

Preparing for the future of construction and public works

Dispatcher – Driving innovation in the construction sector

On 26 September 2016, Dispatcher spoke at the “Construction & Public Works – Major Projects” round table organised by Centrale Supélec. The aim of this presentation, hosted by Thierry De Sevrac, was to explain the different trades in the construction sector to students and future works supervisors.

Alongside Léon Grosse, Razel Bec, and Spie Batignolles, Dispatcher discussed developments in the sector and the new services offered by the company.

Maxime Guesné, one of the two co-founders, acted as our representative. In his speech, after a short presentation of the company, he outlined Dispatcher’s vision of the work site of tomorrow. He referred to the need to provide the sector with new intuitive, effective, collaborative, and interconnected tools. The aim is to reduce the omnipresence of paper on sites and to generate significant operational gains thanks to new technologies. This applies in particular to works supervisors – often on the move and required to coordinate multiple work sites. Modern tools should make their lives easier, saving them time and reducing the hours spent on low-value administrative tasks. Adoption of these new technologies and effective change management are decisive factors in the sector’s digital transition.

The generational factor is an important parameter in the equation, and Dispatcher’s message to these future construction players highlighted their roles as testers of innovative solutions and ambassadors in organisations and on work sites.

The Dispatcher team

Photo: Presentation by Maxime Guesné, co-founder of Dispatcher, at the Centrale Supélec industry round table