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Dispatcher planning ressources BTP

Plan and optimise your resources.

Dispatcher enables you to manage your schedule in-house on a local level, manage allocations on a global level and swap people and equipment between agencies.

Dispatcher is a system that facilitates communication between the site and agency, allowing you to share labour, equipment and transport needs.


Why use Dispatch?

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Plan collaboratively

Several people working together on a collaborative and interactive business schedule (businesses generally still use Excel)

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Get a clear overview of site allocations over time in order to anticipate activity and facilitate the swapping of people and equipment according to the agency’s needs.

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Communicate site allocations

Adapting to site hazards, avoiding organisational failures and sharing information between the agency, site and workers (notifications of assignment briefs or allocation forms by text or email)


Why Dispatch ?

Unified and collaborative scheduling

There are usually a multitude of schedules in the office. (Site schedule, equipment schedule, team schedule etc.)

With dispatcher

Plan with workers, teams and equipment resources on a shared schedule, between offices and construction sites. Dispatcher can be used directly in the scheduling meeting.

A communicative system

Information is not centralised, which leads to double-entry risks and a lack of transparency.

With dispatcher

Collaborate together and navigate between different modes. The tool lets you centralise information and redistribute it effectively between members of the organisation.

Ergonomic daily planning

The design, validation and communication of the daily schedule in public works is often at the heart of the agency’s operations. This schedule is often on paper and difficult to communicate simply.

Witch dispatcher

The daily schedule has been designed to suit site uncertainties and daily adaptations. This schedule is highly ergonomic in order to facilitate daily changes, as well as highly visual to communicate allocations to site managers.