Dispatcher solution, a construction and public works innovator.

On 26 September 2016, Dispatcher took part in the professional round table “BTP – Grands Projets” (construction and public works – major projects) organised by Centrale Supelec. The objective of this round table led by Thierry De Sevrac was to present the construction professions to students and future site supervisors.

Alongside Léon Grosse, Razel Bec and Spie Batignolles, Dispatcher presented the evolution of the sector as well as the new professions that the companies offer.

Maxime Guesné, one of the two co-founders, was there to represent us. When speaking, after a short presentation of the company, he explained the vision of the construction site of tomorrow that Dispatcher has. He referred to the need to provide the industry with new ergonomic, high-performance, collaborative and interconnected tools. The objective is to reduce the omnipresence of paper on construction sites and to create significant operational gains thanks to new technologies. This is particularly the case for site managers, often on the move and coordinating several sites. The tools must make their lives easier, save them time as well as reduce the time taken on administrative tasks with low value-added. The adoption of these new technologies and successful change management are decisive factors in the sector’s digital transition.

The generational factor is an important parameter in the equation. Dispatcher’s message to these future construction industry workers has been to highlight their roles as testers of innovative solutions and ambassadors in their organisations and on their sites.

Dispatcher press release

Photo – Maxime Guesné, co-founder of Dispatcher, takes part in the professional round table by Centrale Supelec

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