Credit : G.N., Batiactu. Find the original article here. Two French engineers have developed an app to optimise the use of site equipment, whether this is an internal fleet or rented equipment. The software platform, accessible from smartphones and tablets, serves as an intermediary between site supervisors and equipment-rental companies. Details. Equipment represents the third highest cost on construction sites. And the use of lease equipment alone represents 40% to 60% of these expenses. “It is therefore crucial for construction and public works companies to manage their equipment use as a whole, whether internal fleet or leased equipment” say Julien Fournier and Maxime Guesné, the two founders of “Having the right equipment in the right place is strategic and the use of modern tools has become essential.” They have therefore developed a cloud solution to optimise equipment management. Their platform provides a link with equipment-rental companies and allows you to closely monitor leased equipment. “Our app, which is accessible from a smartphone or tablet, is designed for site supervisors and project managers”, says Julien Fournier. “Thanks to a simple, highly visual interface, they communicate their equipment needs to the “dispatcher” who allocates the internal resources or submits orders to their network of equipment-rental companies”, he explains. The exchanges are therefore dynamic and improve operational management in real time. The advantage, according to Julien Fournier, would be to benefit from a more extensive address book than that generally used by the site supervisor, repeatedly calling on the same contacts. In terms of timing, it’s possible to order a piece of equipment for the next day. Connectivity between clients and equipment-rental companies “ combines the temporal and geographical dimensions of the machines”, says the press release, meaning that it’s possible to consult company schedules and site maps. On the ground, the solution offers great flexibility: “Users can return a machine earlier than planned, or make it available for a set time, in the context of a long-term lease, for example. They can also report mechanical breakdowns”, says Julien Fournier. The equipment manager at Dispatcher has a better overview of equipment allocations. “And the tool facilitates reporting,” he adds. It must be noted that the data gathered remain the exclusive property of the businesses and are not used for any other purposes. With regards to the equipment-rental companies, they receive and respond to requests for quotations via the dedicated online platform or by SMS, thereby supporting responsiveness. The young company, created at the start of 2013, has dedicated the past year to testing the product and concept in collaboration with a “large client, having several sites nationally,” confirms the co-founder. is now in the deployment and business development phase.

G.N., Batiactu.

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